Children’s Medical Village

A medical home for foster children & other victims of violence.

Community-Based Assessment and Treatment Center (CATC) and Sexual Assault Center

CATC and Sexual Assault Center

As part of our commitment to improving the quality of care for all victims of abuse and neglect, VIP pioneered the HUB and electronic medical tracking systems, which include a network of six health centers around Los Angeles County that respond to victims’ immediate needs and ensure a consistent level of care regardless of where the victim lives. Within this network, VIP has become the largest HUB, evaluating and treating over 60% of child abuse cases in the County. We continue to be the only 24/7 clinic for abuse and assualt within LA County and are the only center to integrate on-site mental health and case management services for children in distress and their families.

In 2014, the VIP CATC was recognized by the Blue Ribbon Commission on Child Protection of the County of Los Angeles as the only Hub providing the continuum of services needed to keep high-risk and foster children safe.

With this innovative and integrated system of care, VIP and its county partners are able to identify and track any child who has been brought in for suspected abuse, preventing them from getting “lost in the system.” VIP’s ability to work with the Department of Health Services and the Department of Children and Family Services in strengthening the child welfare system is what makes our public-private partnership with Los Angeles County a uniquely successful model.

Also located within the VIP CATC is the VIP Sexual Assault Center, which is internationally recognized as the standard of care for victims of sexual assault. The first sexual assault center to be established outside of the emergency room, the VIP Sexual Assault Center has medical experts available 24/7 to provide forensic and medical exams in calm, panic-free environment in order to help prevent victims from having to experience further trauma.

For more information, please call (323) 409-3961.

Services provided at the VIP CATC include:

  • Child Abuse Assessment and Forensic Exams
  • Follow-Up and Ongoing Primary Medical Care
  • Dental Care Clinic
  • Legal Advocacy Services
  • Medical and Mental Health Evaluations For All Patients
  • Specialty Medical Clinics (I.E. Radiology, Asthma, Diabetes, etc.)
  • Case Management and Linkages with Community-Based Resources
  • Adult Sexual Assault Assessment and Forensic Exams

Over 60% of child abuse cases in Los Angeles County are evaluated by our expert staff.


FASD Clinic

VIP knows that some children are born different.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) represents individuals experiencing the full range of effects that can occur with prenatal alcohol exposure. As the largest in the nation, VIP’s FASD Clinic provides screenings, diagnosis, and trainings to thousands of children impacted by FASD and the caregivers who strive to help them succeed. Children who have FASD account for 5% of the population; that number is greater than those affected by autism. The rate of FASD within children in foster care is even higher.

Why is this important?

When a pregnant mother drinks, often before she realizes she is pregnant, the alcohol she ingests can have a significant impact on her baby’s brain. This change in the baby’s development often goes undiagnosed or is misdiagnosed as ADHD, and can lead to challenges with a child’s behavior, issues with a child’s development and executive functioning abilities, and potential learning disabilities.

Without a diagnosis and coping techniques, foster children who have FASD and the caregivers who look after them can get deeply frustrated by “behavioral problems” that are merely the child acting out the only way they know how. This disconnect between the child’s behavior and the biological rationale behind it often results in the child failing multiple foster family placements, leading to additional emotional trauma.

We support those who support the children

At our FASD Clinic, the focus is on awareness, diagnosis, and early education for the caregivers; for a child, the earlier the diagnosis, the earlier we can offer the appropriate support and resources required to promote the best outcome. Our goal is to equip both the child and their caregivers with the knowledge and skills to cope with FASD and ensure the child succeeds with his or her foster family.

To schedule an assessment of a child, contact Yesenia Enciso at (323) 409-3902 or for FASD support services and classes, contact Michele Walker-Bauer at (323)221-4134 x107.

Over 70% of children in foster care are affected by some type of prenatal alcohol exposure
60% of people with an FASD have a history of trouble with the law
50% of individuals have a history of confinement in jail or various types of treatment or hospitalization
79% of adults diagnosed with FASD had employment problems
94% had ongoing mental health issues

FASD Is 100% Preventable

Children who have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) account for 5% of the population; that number is greater than those affected by autism.

Teen Clinic

Teens within the foster care system face unique challenges.

With fewer foster families willing to adopt older teens, most youth find themselves trapped in a system that is ill-equipped to provide the necessary support needed to succeed. Foster teens, many of whom have been cycling in and out of the system their whole lives, can bounce between foster placements, ending up on the streets and at high risk for sexual exploitation, sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies.

In growing our response to the urgent medical needs of teens in and transitioning out of foster care, VIP has developed the Adolescent Care and Transition (ACT) Clinic within the VIP Children’s Medical Village. The ACT Clinic serves as a teen-focused medical home for youth in and aging out of foster care, those discharged from Probation, youth with chronic illness, pregnant and parenting teens, and high-risk youth in the community.

For more information, please call (323) 409-3233.

Services at the Teen Clinic include:

  • Forensic/Medical Treatment and Subspecialty Services
  • Mental Health, Dental, and Nutritional Screenings
  • Advocacy Services and Case Management
  • Pre-natal Care/Obstetrics and Post-natal Care For Preganant Teens
  • Walk-In OB-GYN Clinic For Pregnancy Counseling and Pregnancy Prophylaxis To Prevent Additional Teen Pregnancies
  • Sexual Health Counseling To Prevent Risky Sexual Behaviors and Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • medical Home For Ongoing Care For Both Teen Parents and Infants
  • Parenting Workshops For Pregnant and Parenting Teens
  • Respite Care For Participating Teen Parents